Hypnosis Facts

If you’re like most people, what you know about hypnosis comes from television and the movies. And that means that most of what you know about hypnosis is wrong.

That’s OK.  You’re in good company.

Here’s the truth about hypnosis…

You can’t be made to do anything against your will when you’re hypnotized.  You are the one who is in control.  You can’t even be hypnotized if you don’t want to be hypnotized.

And if you want to be hypnotized, you can be hypnotized.  Everyone who can participate in a normal conversation can be hypnotized.  The only barrier to hypnosis is comfort…are you comfortable enough at this time, in this place, with this hypnotist to allow yourself to be hypnotized.  It’s my job to make sure that your answer to those questions is “yes.”  And I do my job well because, although my manner may be fun and casual, I take your success very seriously.

When a person is hypnotized, some people experience a definite feeling in the mind and body that is different from anything else they’ve experienced.  Other people experience a feeling that isn’t a whole lot different (or at all different) from sitting quietly with their eyes closed.  And that feeling (or lack of feeling) doesn’t matter.  There is no universal “hypnosis feeling.”  Your hypnosis experience is just that: your hypnosis experience.  And the Virtual Gastric Band can work perfectly no matter what form your personal hypnosis experience takes…even if it just feels like you’re sitting there with your eyes closed.

You don’t have to be relaxed to be hypnotized.  During your session you probably will be relaxed but you can have an effective hypnosis session and not be relaxed at all.  Think about someone on stage during a stage hypnosis show…that person is up and moving around and doing all sorts of things…they’re hypnotized…and they’re absolutely not relaxed.

Unlike a stage show, however, when you’re hypnotized in my office, you are aware of everything going on around you.  You remember everything that happens and you can talk about it with anyone you choose after.

And you’re not going to bark like a dog, quack like a duck, or cluck like a chicken, no matter what your friends think. You know the truth.

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Hypnosis really works. Prove it to yourself by contacting me today.

Jeffrey Richards
Certified Hypnotist
Peak Performance Hypnosis